15th-17th of March 2019


Five streams including 4 levels of lindy and a solo jazz stream for your dancing pleasure! Bachelor of Swing, Masters of Swing, Doctorates of Swing, Postdoc and Masters of Solo.


There’s more than just your course, for example come give Shag a try, enjoy a lecture on Swing history , or work on your slow dancing.


Three competitions: Newbie Swing Mix & Match (for those who have been dancing one year or less), Open Swing Mix & Match, and Solo Jazz

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Student & EUSDS member Price


Opens December 2018


Commemorative T-shirts will be available

Teaching Staff


Bachelor of Swing (BSwi) - Improvers
After one to two semesters, you’ve earned your GSCE in dancing. You have obtained the basic concepts (such as footwork) taught in beginners, though still need to fine-tune these basics. You can now continue their learning of the same topics by working with slightly more challenging material. (more info)

Master of Swing (MSwi) - Intermediates
You’re a year or three (or more!) into your dance studies and you want to to know what to do make yourself a star on the social dance floor. You are comfortable with, but working to fine-tune more advanced capabilities, such as body movement, connection with a partner and more advanced rhythms.(more info)

Phd in Swing - Intermediate/Advanced
You put the work in for all the relevant years, have graduated, and are now seeking to explore the particulars of what makes Swing Dancing so tremendously enjoyable. Dancing comfortably with a partner is second nature for you now. You have done the advanced stream at other camps, and felt challenged, but not overwhelmed. You are one of the top dancers in not just your scene.(more info)

Post doctorate of Swing - Advanced 

You've probably been dancing for several years. You've done advanced streams at other camps and felt comfortable. You're one of the best dancers not just in your scene but when you visit other scenes as well. (more info)

Masters of Solo Jazz - Multi-level
For those who've done some solo jazz before but want to take it to a new level.(more info)