Code of Conduct

Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society (EUSDS) classes and events are for everyone to attend and enjoy. We are committed to keeping our scene safe and welcoming. To do this, we request you respect the following statements. If you are unable to respect our Code of Conduct, you may be asked to leave EUSDS classes or events, or be permanently banned at the Committee’s discretion without a refund.

If you are found in violation of the law, we will notify the relevant authorities.

Safe spaces officers

If you feel that, at any moment throughout the event, anything has happened that broke any of the clauses in the Safe Space Policy, contact one of the two Safe Space Officers: Marlena Segar and Alejandro Esteves (Photos below):

Safe spaces Policy

  1. Inclusivity – Try and ask everyone to a dance. Do not discriminate based on reasons such as skill level, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, religion, body size, appearance etc.
  2. Ask if they would like to lead or follow.
  3. Consent – Be gracious if someone declines your offer to dance. They are allowed to say No, without giving a reason
  4. Enjoyment – Interact and acknowledge your partner whilst dancing. Thank them for the dance at the end..
  5. Do not give advice or comments to your partner on their dancing in classes or in a social unless specifically asked to or what they are doing is causing you some sort of discomfort.
  6. Care – Please inform your partner in advance of any injuries or issues that may arise during a dance.
  7. Important: If your partner is causing you physical or psychological discomfort, or the dance is in someway unsafe, please tell them or inform your teacher/safe spaces officer as soon as possible. If they continue you are fully within your right to stop the dance. Seek out a Safe Spaces Officer or committee member if an issue is left unresolved.
  8. Be cautious of others. If you hit someone else on the dance floor, including your partner, please apologise and make sure they are ok before continuing.
  9. Do not force a move or dance-hold (such a close embrace) on your partner. If you have tried to lead something and they stopped or changed the move, do not keep trying to lead the same move, as they likely had a good reason for not following through.
  10. Aerials/air steps are not allowed on a social dance floor and should only be done in a performance or jam circle and only then with a partner you have practiced this specific aerial with before. You also should refrain from engaging in deep dips (consult full code of conduct for more information on this)
  11. Please take care of your personal hygiene at events; shower before attending, wear deodorant and appropriate clothing and shoes. We also advise bringing a towel, change of shirt and breath mints.
  12. Please do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol to the point that you could be a danger to yourself and others on the dance floor
  13. Respect – Partner dancing can be an intimate activity and flirtation can occur. However, do not come to socials with the intention to solely hook up with someone there.</li?
  14. Respect other people’s boundaries, do not assume because someone agreed to dance with you that they are comfortable with other advances. If you are not sure if someone is comfortable, ask them.
  15. One person’s boundaries may be different to someone else’s, so if someone tells you your actions have made them feel uncomfortable, even if other people have not expressed similar opinions, take it on board and correct your behaviour accordingly.
  16. Both Safe Spaces Officers as well as other committee members will be available throughout the event to talk to if any issues arise. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them; everything will be kept anonymous and handled as efficiently and cautiously as possible.Our full Code of Conduct Policy can be found here: