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Edinburgh, Scotland

Ex sapientia tripudium

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Registration - Friday: 19:00 - 22:45

Our administration officers will be on the front desk on Friday night between 19:00 and 22:45 at the Welcome Party at Assembly Roxy, and on Saturday morning in your class. You will be handed your welcome pack which includes your timetable, wristband and t-shirt (if you ordered one). Please make sure you register, as you cannot attend classes unless you are fully matriculated.

Student Handbook

Social Life

Please do NOT bring outside alcohol as there are bars on site at each venue. Do bring your water bottle, a towel, fan, and a spare shirt or two.

Welcome Party – Assembly Roxy – Friday Night – 19:00 - 22:45

  After matriculating, come along to our welcome party for new students. Live music will be provided by Swingessence. Wondering what to wear? It’s a great night to represent your local scene on each t-shirt you change into as the night progresses.

Hot Hub Time Machine – The Hub– Saturday Night – 19:00 - 01:00

As it’s EUSDS’s 20th anniversary, we’re hoping in the Hub’s time machine and going 20 years...but in which direction!? You make the choice between a totally retro 90’s night or a futuristic adventure in the 30’s...the 2030’s! (Of course there’s always the chance your time machine got confused and took you to a different era entirely...these things happen)

Your adventure includes some of the best DJs going, live music from Tessa Smith and the AppleJacks, unforgettable performances, demonstrations, and a chance to see the instructors strut their stuff! Our competition finals take place at 21:30 for all of you brave souls who faced preliminary examinations.

Nostalgia Dance – Teviot Debating Hall – Sunday – 17:30 - 21:00

Now that you’ve completed your degree, relax and enjoy some more dancing in the Debating Hall at Teviot Row House. Reflect back on all we’ve accomplished together in our time traveling  adventure.

Semester Timetable

Please note timings are subject to change. Check the full Student Handbook for details


Friday, 2 February
19:00 – Registration opens
19:00 – 22:45 – Social dancing with live band (Assembly Roxy)

Saturday, 3 February
10:00 – 11:45 – Workshops

12:00 – 13:00 – Lectures/Tasters

13:15 – 15:00 – Lunch/Competition Prelims

13:15 Collect Numbers and queue up
13:30 Open Swing Roulette
14:00 Newbie Swing Roulette
14:30 Solo Jazz

15:15 – 17:00 – Workshops

19:00 – 01:00 – Hot Hub Time Machine (20 Years!) - The Hub

21:00  Performances
21:30  Competition Finals
23:00  Teachers Showcase

Sunday, 4 February
11:00 – 12:45 – Workshops
12:45 – 13:45 – Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 – Tasters/Lectures
15:15 – 17:00 – Workshops
17:30 – 21:00 – Social Dance and drinks (The Debating Hall)

Class Timetables

Saturday, 3 February


Sunday, 4 February


Finding your way on Campus

All of your classes will be situated as near as possible to University of Edinburgh Campus. If you need more information on these venues, please check the interactive map to the right. You can also turn on layers that list nearby grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Assembly Roxy - 2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9SU

The Hub - 348-350 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NE

Teviot Row House - 5/2 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AL

  • The Debating Hall - Top floor of the spiral staircases
  • The Study - To the right through the doors, up the short staircase to your left, go in the New Amphion, walk straight to the back and through the doors at the right

The Pleasance - Pleasance Courtyard EH8 9TJ

  • Quaker Studio Ochil Room (first floor)

The Counting House - 38 W Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DD

South Side Community Centre - 117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9ER

University Centre for Sports & Exercise - 46 Pleasance EH8 9TJ

  • The Salle - Front desk will direct you


While attending University, why not try something outside of your field of study? Some tasters have extended descriptions availible on our website: 


The Swing Walk - The Swing walk is the progressive dance of the Lindy Hoppers at the Savoy. If you are interested in the history of Lindy Hop and it’s origins, this is the taster for you! “The Walk is a particularly interesting dance because it acts as the base movement and techniques of two expressions, one to swing music and one to blues music. Its base movement is related to the Peabody/Foxtrot.”  Find our more in: A Brief Introduction to Savoy Walk 

Boogie Woogie - The dance form was originally inspired by American Rock ‘n’ Roll/Lindy Hop dancing of the 1950s, but gradually developed its own European style and personality. Boogie Woogie is a playful and improvised couple dance, often in medium or slightly fast tempi, with a significant footwork based on musical interpretation. Boogie Woogie of today functions as a social dance, but is sometimes recognized even more as an established competition dance

Triple Step Turns - This class is aimed at intermediate level dancers and above and will focus on balance, control, and dynamics techniques for better turning. No more cheating those triple steps!

A Scientist's Guide to Swing Dancing - (Lecture) Dr. Vladimir Ivan will be delivering a curated video and commentary session on Lindy Hop from a physics and engineering perspective. Get you dose of graphs, equations, swing dancing robots, and references to peer-reviewed articles.



A Hep-cat’s guide to Human Anatomy - (Lecture) Rest your aching legs for a bit and find out exactly why you’re so sore with Professor of Experimental Anatomy Jamie Davies and Dr. Katie Brooks. These two are anything but dull scientists, so be prepared to have a blast learning about your body to help you swing through the rest of the workshop!

St. Louis Shag - St. Louis Shag is an incredibly fun regional dance from St. Louis Missouri. Descended from Lindy Hop and Charleston, it was danced all the way through the swing era, and into the 50’s and 60’s, developing all the while. It’s therefore great for all kinds of of music, from classic swing, to jump blues and early rock and roll, and is particularly suited to faster tracks, making it a great substitute for Collegiate Shag or Charleston when the music picks up the pace! In our taster we’ll go into the St. Louis basic, a couple of classic moves, as well as some transitions into and out of other swing dances to help you blend it with the rest of your dancing!

Tap - Amongst other dances, tap is thought to be a predecessor to swing dancing and is a great addition to your lindy hop. We are lucky to have the incredibly talented Derek Roland to give you an hour long introduction.

Alive and Kicking - (Film Screening) Alive and Kicking is as diverse and dynamic as the dance it depicts. This feature-length film explores the culture surrounding swing dance from the emergence of the Lindy Hop to the modern-day international phenomenon.

Student Handbook